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Oral care is health care... 

   Flip the Lip, Take a Sniff       Pets Need dental care too

   Bad odor often means infection.     

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Pet Dental Care at:

             Mazomanie Animal Hospital    

Please give us a call: 608-795-4242

You can set up a proactive care plan for your pet's teeth; cleaning and polishing by our professional dental team for an affordable price. Cat or dog, we want you to do the best thing and keep your pet's teeth healthy each year. With regular dental care your pet will be living a longer, happier and have a pain free life - plus you won't have to put up with "dog breath!"

A painful reality -- After the age of three years, most cats and dogs require a thorough scale and polish to keep their teeth healthy each year.  Almost none of them receive this relatively inexpensive and effective treatment that prevents pain and infection. (Too many pets over the age of three have sore gums and teeth)

The happy, healthy pet approach -- At Mazomanie Animal Hospital we think differently.  By receiving a preventative tooth cleaning (called a "prophy") each year, your pet is far less likely to develop problems. We know from human research that people with infected teeth and gums die younger. The same applies to pets.


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to say that you are potentially adding years to your pet's life by cleaning its teeth.


What is included with a basic dental procedure?

  1. Full body preoperative examination, including wellness labwork to determine if your pet is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. 
  2. Balanced anesthetic (with intravenous fluids and blood pressure measuring), premedication drugs, induction drugs and gas anesthesia.
  3. Professional scaling to remove tartar.
  4. Charting of the mouth to look for tooth decay and mouth cancers.
  5. Polishing of the teeth to discourage plaque from adhering to the tooth surface.
  6. Advice on homecare to your pet's mouth healthy and keep breath smelling fresh.

Recommended optional extras

Preoperative wellness blood test - We recommend a preoperative blood screen for all pets having a procedure to screen for problems like kidney disease, which can go undetected and cause problems during and after an anesthetic. A blood test is a quick easy and inexpensive way of improving the safety for your pet, and it's a great way of picking up problems early: it’s our way to examine the inside of the animal.

Dental X-rays - The biggest bit of any tooth is the root. The problem is that the roots are not visible.  The only way to actually find out if things are healthy beneath the gum line is to use X-rays. Mazomanie Animal Hospital is one of the few vet clinics in the area to use this technology. The X-rays are inexpensive and help us to do our job better.

Is my pet eligible for a routine dental treatment? - All pets are potentially eligible.

Your pet must be otherwise fit and healthy. If your pet has other problems that might affect the anesthetic treatment or your pet has significant dental or other health issues our doctors will advise you on the best course of action and provide you with an effective care plan for your pet.


Flip the lip today! - So there’s only one last thing to do if you want to keep your pet fit, healthy and avoid smelly pet breath. Simply flip the lip and take a sniff.  If it smells bad, the teeth are brown or the gums are red, then there’s a problem. Give us a call on 608-795-4242 to fix it today.

Want one of our team to call you back to talk this through a little more? - Easy! Simply drop us your name, the name of pet and the best telephone number to reach you and we'll give you a call back. You do not have to be a registered client to receive this benefit.